Let us take care of your apartment.

The local team in Thailand will help you solve the problems of distance and language barrier.

Introduction to property management

Let us take care of your property and take care of any problems and hassles that arise throughout the lease term. If you do not have time to deal with the daily operation of the real estate property due to staying abroad or busy with work, our service is here to help you solve and support the following matters::

  • How to market your property and find the right tenants.
  • There is no way to show guests the house during working hours.
  • Unable to understand the legal provisions related to leasing.
  • Not sure where to find a trusted contractor for repairs and maintenance.
  • English, Chinese, Cantonese, Thai, multilingual customer service.

We will be your personal professional housekeeper, and coordinate and negotiate with all agents and contractors before renting out . During the renting period , we will provide monthly room inspection reports until the tenant moves out, and we will act as your representative to contact the tenant.

Property custody service content

  • Key management service.
  • Participate in the property resident meeting on behalf of the owner and cooperate with the important announcements issued by the management office, and inform the owner.
  • Payment of land tax and building management fee
  • Provide real estate resale and rental services

Before rental (vacancy)

  • 6 times a year “free” cleaning service
  • Take photos and offer rental price suggestions to advertise
  • Provide suggestions and whether the unit needs improvement to increase rental opportunities
  • Monitor property conditions, submit monthly unit inspection reports (leaks, dust, odors, etc.)
  • Check mailboxes and unpaid utility bills (including payment service)
  • coordination:
    • maintenance technician
    • Housekeeping
    • Apartment Property Management Office (Building Management Office)
    • Insurance

Rental period

  • Manage bookings and deposits
  • Verify lease agreement and furniture list
  • Record electricity and water meters before tenants move in
  • Make sure everything is in place before moving in (big cleaning, air conditioner cleaning, testing equipment)
  • Coordinate Internet and Cable TV installations
  • Tenant Registration with the Condominium Property Management Office (Building Management Office)
  • TM30 Online Immigration Registration (Foreigner Residence Notification)
  • Representing tenants and cooperating agents (including weekends)
  • Confirm monthly rent payment and send rent payment receipt to landlord
  • Help the landlord to deal with any problems during the tenant’s stay

After rental

  • Have a reliable contractor inspect the equipment for damage and coordinate the costs incurred
  • After scheduling repairs and when completed, check the quality of the work
  • Record electricity and water meter numbers and calculate final utility bills
  • Summarize the charges and return the remaining deposit to the tenant
  • Ask the condominium property management office (building management office) to cancel the tenant
  • Offload Internet and Cable TV
  • arrange a big cleaning



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