The house inspection was good, and the house was handed over without worry.

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Thailand real estate inspection service

Buying a house is just the beginning of the service, and the follow-up is the focus of the service! When we buy a house, we attach great importance to the quality of the house, and the house inspection is a very important link. BEYOND360 has professional and government-licensed home inspection technicians, saving you a lot of trouble, and you don’t need to be on site in person, you can live broadcast live through remote video.

We will provide detailed home inspection reports to owners and developers, and continue to track the progress of repairs until the quality meets the standards.

What aspects should be paid attention to when inspecting the house? Can I inspect the house remotely? After the acceptance of the house, what procedures must be followed to get the key? These are the most frequently asked questions by homeowners. Let me answer them one by one now. After mastering these tips and precautions, you can move in easily.

① House area

② Check the water pipe

③ Check the circuit

④ Check the doors and windows

⑤ Check walls and floors

⑥ Check indoor furniture

⑦ Check public facilities

1. House area

At the step of house inspection, everyone must have got the contract and the area of ​​the room they bought is also clear, so when inspecting the house, the first thing to do is to measure the area of ​​the house to ensure that the actual area of ​​the house is consistent with the developer’s agreement. The area agreed in the contract is consistent or within a reasonable error range (the actual area of ​​some houses will be slightly larger, but generally not small), which is also the first step for everyone to ensure their own interests.

2. Check the water pipes

Since the apartments in Thailand are all furnished and delivered, and the indoor pipes and wiring are all laid out, it is necessary to carefully check whether there is water seepage in the water pipes and floor drains. There are roughly a few places to pay attention to when checking the water pipes: the kitchen, the sink of the bathroom sink, the water output of the toilet toilet, the floor drain of the balcony and bathroom, and the shower head of the bathroom.

3. Check the circuit

Check the overall strong and weak current system of the house. Whether each power socket is normally powered on, check the lighting system in the room, whether the lights in each room can be illuminated normally, whether the air conditioner can be used normally, and whether it can be cooled normally (generally, the air conditioner in the room is turned on at the beginning of the home inspection) Therefore, people can feel whether the air conditioner is cooling in the room), and whether the range hood, induction cooker, and exhaust fan in the bathroom can be powered on and off normally. In addition, high-end apartments generally have coded door locks, but you cannot set a code without getting the key, but you can use the property’s unified door card to check.

4. Check doors and windows

This link is mainly to check the closure of the doors and windows, which can be checked by opening, closing and shaking the doors and windows to determine whether the doors and windows are firm and within a reasonable closing error range. Whether the chute of the window and indoor partition can be dragged smoothly. If there are curtains, you can also pull the curtains to make sure they are securely installed.

5. Check walls and floors

Most of the apartment delivery standards are white walls, mainly for the convenience of the owners to decorate and renovate themselves. When checking and accepting the house, you can take a look at the whole house to see if there are cracks on the wall and the wall, and listen to it by knocking on the wall. Check whether there is a hollow sound (if you entrust a house inspection, you can remind the agent or intermediary to pay attention to the inspection). In terms of floors, apartments are usually delivered with wooden floors. Before the home inspection, the property has been cleaned. You can walk around the house to see if there are any strange noises and whether the floor is uneven.

6. Check the interior furniture

Apartments in Thailand are basically delivered in hardcover, that is, they will be equipped with cabinets. In some apartments, wardrobes and TV cabinets that are directly embedded in the wall will be prepared. This is also part of the delivery and needs to be carefully checked. You can check whether the fan blades of the locker are installed firmly by opening and closing the door of the furniture locker, and check whether the installation is not smooth enough. end.

7. Check public facilities

In apartment complexes in Thailand, public facilities are a big highlight, and they are also benefits that owners can enjoy free of charge. Therefore, it is also necessary to take a walk in the complex to see if the facilities introduced in the building brochure are consistent with the time when the apartment is handed over. While experiencing the feeling of living, you can also take a look at the quality of the entire community. In case of “wrong version of the goods”.

Some people may ask: What tools do I need to bring to the site for house inspection? NO NO NO! Thai apartment, if it is a formal developer, will usually be accompanied by sales staff and home inspectors when checking the house. The tools for home inspection are also ready-made, so you don’t need to bring such trouble. If there is any need for rectification and repair, you must raise it on the spot. The developer will rectify your problem within a time limit until you are satisfied. Don’t be afraid of trouble, this is your right as an owner, and it is also the duty of a regular developer.


Don’t be lazy and think it’s no big deal, first sign the home inspection confirmation letter, and fix it at any time if there are any problems in the future. Thai developers are still relatively conservative in their work. If there is a problem that needs to be dealt with, you need to give feedback at the first time, and they will solve it centrally. But if you sign the inspection confirmation letter when you feel that there is no problem during the house inspection, they will assume that the house is fine, and it will be more troublesome if you need a warranty at that time, and you will have to arrange it separately, which will be a waste of time. Of course, regular and powerful developers will definitely have a good after-sales maintenance management team. If you have any problems in the later period, you can contact the property management office of the apartment at any time, and they will arrange professionals to make an appointment for on-site maintenance.





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