We combine the latest renovation design and market analysis to increase the rental potential of your property

BEYOND360 Thai real estate excellent butler provides you with the most comfortable decoration that meets your rental needs.

A professional and efficient home improvement design team, after on-site measurement and understanding of the housing conditions, tailor-made a decoration plan for your house, calculates the most favorable plan quotation, communicates with you in a timely manner on the renderings, purchases, installs and arranges, and finally realizes the room furnishings and renderings The maximum fit, the whole process makes you feel at ease and worry-free.

① Decoration design that best meets the needs

② Quotation signing

③ Interior decoration and layout display

④ Professional photography

Decoration construction process

Understand the layout of the house

Step 1

Design two-way communication

step 2

In-depth design plan formation

Step 3

Material Procurement and Construction

Step 4

Renovation construction completed!

Step 5

Layout and Professional Photography

Step 6

Meet the tenants

Step 7

Take a look at our decoration examples now

common problem

1. Information in the decoration market is opaque

  1. There is no large-scale building materials market: Building materials supermarkets in the suburbs have commonly used materials, but there are no solid wood floors and glass, which need to be purchased separately, but the quality is very unstable. The service staff in Thailand need to line up to communicate, and the service attitude is usually not friendly. If you go to the urban area, the quality of large furniture stores is usually better, but many products are out of stock, and then the service staff will recommend you to buy other models. As a result, you may not be able to buy the expected goods at all, unless you are willing to wait.


  1. Purchasing online? It requires people who can speak Thai and have decoration experience to find the right information. These professionals are harder to find than materials. Not to mention the complicated information on the Internet, the online shopping system in Thailand is not very sound, and online shopping is “pay the full amount first and wait for delivery”, and the price fluctuates, and the quality is not stable.

2. It is hard to find high-quality decoration companies/workers

Thai decoration companies and designers can combine their ideas very well, but it takes a long time and the design fee is very high. If you want to hire a decoration company, you need to adjust your mentality. What you need to find is a responsible decoration company with a sound management system, a good reputation in the local area, and practical decoration cases for reference.


If you just hire some workers to decorate, there is a great chance that workers will delay for various reasons, add money, or even leave the work in progress and leave. If you are lazy and don’t keep an eye on it for a while, or if the early communication is ambiguous due to language or other reasons, many problems will arise in the later stage.

3. Long waiting time for furniture and home appliances

Most of the high-quality furniture in Thailand is imported furniture. Therefore, usually what you see in the mall is just a sample. If you want to place an order, you will have to wait another half a month at the earliest, or even a month and a half before it will be delivered. The goods that arrive in half a month may be produced in China after you have paid for them. As for the goods delivered in one and a half months, it is very likely that the manufacturer will purchase from abroad after receiving the full payment.


If you don’t want to wait, want to buy samples from the merchant? Most of the sales staff will refuse, or still pay your original price, which is very uneconomical.

Even the TV, if it is the most popular model, is not in stock in the mall, and they need to send it from the warehouse in the foreign government. Going to the mall to look at the products, then place an order in full, and then wait for the delivery to be delivered at home. This is the norm when buying furniture and home appliances in Thailand. A lot of waiting is required.




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